The Finnish Association for Fair Tourism (FAFT) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that was founded in February 2003. Founder Mari Mero wanted to initiate and stimulate debate on the effects and ethics of tourism within the Finnish tourism field. Over the years, FAFT has organized, coordinated, and participated in various public, corporate, and educational events and projects. We work with schools, businesses, government agencies, and other NGOs to promote responsible tourism and to educate travelers and tourism operators about the principles of fair tourism. FAFT also initiates and encourages dialogue about ethical choices when traveling and the impacts they might have on the environment and local communities.

Past and present FAFT projects include training of ambassadors for fair tourism, an educational website about climate sustainability in tourism, a campaign called Too Bad To Be True about child sex tourism and a project on more equal tourism to the global south.

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